Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that combines elements of tennis and table tennis. It's easy to learn, fast-paced, and extremely fun due to the long rallies that occur during a game.

Pickleball is almost always played in doubles, although singles is also very popular and fun, but only shorter rallies take place.

Pickleball is the best complement to tennis, especially for children between 5 and 10 years old.
After just 1 or 2 hours, the children experience their first long rallies, which is almost impossible in tennis and so the children are thrilled.
Above all, very similar hitting technique, hitting the ball early, all shots as a half-fly ball and lots of volleys...

- Lake Garda - Club Hotel Olivi in Malcesine and
- Quellenhof in Lazise
- Spain - Tennisclub Gandia / Valencia - Tennis Padel Pickleball

Introduction to the sport of pickleball
Hitting technique and tactics in doubles + tournament